Troubleshooting / FAQ

When a shopper browses products on your website from his laptop. He views several items but leaves without making a purchase. A few days later, he is on his/her mobile device and sees an ad for a product he viewed, at your site but didn't purchase, plus some other related items he hadn’t seen before. He is now reminded of your brand, thanks to the ad, and returns to make a purchase. This is retargeting in action.

Yes, it's easy to create an account and it's useful, you can have all your reports, and campaigns in one place.

After installing our app (SDK?) on your store and adding the available data sources our platform starts identifying and unifying your customer data even if it wasn't obvious, complete the missing data items, etc. By connecting the social accounts you have and installing our pixel in your store pages, the machine starts getting dynamic audience and is now ready to start your first campaign. the remaining thing to do next, if you are not a Shopify user, upload your product catalog once that is done. The recommender starts now to match users with most relevant items they might be interested to buy, then starts A/B tests the targeting audience and ad sets, pushing budgets to those who perform and killing those who don't and try something else learning from the previous killed ones.

Well we support, and the list is getting longer while that question is being answered:
  • Google Shopping
  • Google Dynamic ads
  • Google retargeting ads
  • Facebook dynamic products ads
  • Facebook Canvas ads
  • Instagram

You don't need to add any pixels to your store other than ours, follow the simple steps in this tutorial to do, for other pixels you will find inputs in our dashboard to add it to.

We do have a free plan with 500 usd revenues threshold once passed you can cancel or subscribe to one of our plans.