Frequently Asked Questions

01. How the platform is working?

Our platform uses different and various set of tools to help us opting-in your customers to the platform, and retarget them.

For your store customers it’s a simple cash back wallet application where they get loyalty cashback.

How they get the application it’s either your application or ours. They receive an opt-in notification when they purchase something from your store, to use the earned cashback.

Accessing our inclusive dashbaord, you would be able to access the analytics and insights, and the retargeting options for the customers along side various insights as demographics and more!

02.How are you getting the analytics?

Geomarketing (often referred to as geotargeting or location based targeting) has come to be the weapon of choice for countless brick-and-mortars in the past few years. Especially retail stores, supermarkets, restaurants and local events.

03.Which platforms can I run my ads on through platform?

The socail media platforms, Facebook ads, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Snapchat, google ads and top publishers websites in the region.

04.Why should I use your platform and leave facebook ads?

First You won’t and shouldn’t dump any ads platform unless you are not getting any outcome from. Second through Converted.in you are able to run optimzied facbook camapigns targeting the exact customers that bought from you earlier trying to re-sell up sell or cross sell. So we don’t compete with Facebook, twitter, Snapchat ads we are helping you to use your budgets more wisly when you aim to retarget your customers.

05.Can I still use your platform if I don’t have a mobile application?

Yes, through our customers facing application “Converted.in” Your brand will be listed in the application

06.Do you have an SDK that I can integrate in my mobile app?

Yes we have a light weight SDK wich can be easily intergrate. We support Native Android and IOS. Hypard applications written in React

07.Do I have to use the merchant mobile application or can you integrate to my POS?

You don’t have to use our merchant mobile application as we provide integration to the top POS solutions as such Vend, Rocket POS, and Foodics

08.Can I import my customers data into the platform?

Currnetly it’s on demand option please contact our support to help you to understand more!

09.How much does it cost to use your platform for my store?

It depends on the industry, number of stores, number of customers… contact our sales for a quotation

10.How to start using your platform?

It’s a 5 minutes process just signup as a merchant and let our sucess team take it with you from there.